Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Blog in the works!

I'm starting a new blog, soon! You can find it at

Whereas this space will be an online storage for written works for "public viewage " (p.s., I'm too paranoid to share my novel on here until after its published), I'll be doing a more frequent, traditional posting type blog over on that other imaginary piece of web property. To be cheap and savvy with complicated keyboard shortcuts, here's what I plan to do over there.

So, what am I planning to have available for you to read here? I’m planning to reduce the whole “public journal” theme to a minimum, keeping my posts relevant and #positive# toward the realms of fiction and writing.

  • Book and short story reviews/opinions
  • Neat articles or ideas I’ve come across
  • Science or History documents that might be interesting to implement into a sci/fi or fantasy setting
  • Activity regarding contests, competitions, conferences/events I might be paying attention to, considering, or even (gasp!) shelling out the money to actually attend
  • Books I’m reading currently, and my impression of them
  • Maybe some books I’ve read in the past and why I read them (what kept me interested, etc.)
  • Links to stories of other authors I believe deserve more attention (or heck, if they simply ask for it)
  • Pieces of artwork that I find inspiring.
  • Pieces of music I find inspiring.
  • Games and movies (art + music!?) that I feel like sharing.
See you there!

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